Happy Monday and Thank God for it!

My Monday begins with cleaning up paperwork from the previous week and working on my production schedule along with other schedules for the week.  At least this is my intention, it does not always happen that way. I really need to work on my morning and weekly rituals….

As I was preparing to write a few blog entries I happened upon a draft of one from a few years ago, It was a snippet of art, marriage and collaboration.

Most of you know me as a “Chef”, I love food, cooking and showing love to people through the dishes I prepare.  Many of you may not know that just recently (maybe 5 or so years) I discovered another great gift or talent.  I am an Artist.  It still sounds funny saying it, however, yes I AM an artist. I create art, and for me it is my form of mindful meditation.  It is my get away and allows me to “Just be”.

I often hit stumbling blocks as I redefine, rediscover and learn more about myself – but I always come back to a few things, Cooking, Art and Creating! It is in my being, it is part of me, it is how I express myself.

So Enjoy the blast from the past blog post below and learn a few things about me:

www.WajedCrafters.com – The Wajed household is very creative so this is a hub where you can find all of what we do, jewelry, art, apparel and more to come.

http://www.wajedcrafters.com/product/eyes-as-windows – A Coloring Booklet by Edreys Wajed and I (IG: @edreysThis was an amazing collaboration, that opened my eyes to may possibilities.  My Husband is a phenomenal creative, he is so talented and so awesome when it comes to expressing his creativity, whether through pen& Ink, Metal or simply words.  Follow him on instagram if you are not already @edreys.

IG: @byalexajoan – I am beginning my “Art by Alexa” Instagram portfolio.  Be patient, I am just building it. Follow me and see what happens!

FB: @ChefAlexaJoan – This is my facebook page for where you will find great info about food, cooking classes and can contact me for personal chef services.  (also IG: @chefalexajoan). Like my page to ensure you get all of my updates.

(Circa 2012 maybe??)

MARRIAGE is COLLABORATION! I am so thankful my Husband and I are working toward our success each and every day, and enjoying it! In my last post I mentioned that I had my first artshow back in February for Image and Identity IV. Actually Edreys and I were featured together.  We decided to do something a little different and we collaborated on 4 pieces for the show and they really turned out well! I posted them here so you could take a look at them! Enjoy.

* Thanks again to everyone that came out and supported us and thanks again to Aminata Mitchell and her program Image & Identity!

Peace & Love